Sangram Singh
Founder, Managing Director

Mr. Sangram, the founder of Ultra Bytes is a personality that needs no introduction in the field of information technology.Having hitchhiked across Europe at 16, Mr. Sangram has educational background of computer engineering that he owes to PEC 2005 batch. In the year 2006, he got call from IIM but decided not to join, for he had urge to bring in technological change in the society.

Sangram is an LLB graduate too from Punjab University. One of the great accomplishments that he mentions is of his paper that got published in the International Conference on Multi-Dimensional Neural Network. A national level basketball player and angle investor,he has great interest in real estate too. He has a strong professional background where in he has served IBM as programmer, Maxx Mobiles as Chief Operating Officer, and Flipkart as AGM.

Just like other accomplishers, he has also had great challenges in life. Few of these were missing career in research domain, missing IIM call conversion in 2005, faced rejection during team trials for basketball selection etc. A mediocre performer, Sangram graduated from an average engineering institute.
An active sports person, he has been a chess and national level basketball, marathonrunner, and an incredible cyclist, who has cycled 100 + kms. In his leisure time he prefers to take a book and indulge in quality reading or travel and explore new places.

Mr. Sangram stamps his success on the journey he has had over all these years through his educational and professional times. He has always believed “hard things in past always help your attitude deliver impactful things in present and future”. Sangram is a firm believer of saying – leadership makes impossible things possible for others. He envisions to bring digital revolution in the country which takes India to great heights of success and identity.

Sonali Dalla
Chief Executive Officer

Sonali, as the Chief Executive Officer of Ultra Bytes , has significant accomplishments in fields of Business development, Marketing, Sales, Business strategy and Financial Management. She believes that there is nothing greater than finding promising opportunities for smart people to do stellar things and facilitating a feeling of togetherness as a team rather than individual parts and it's a fantastic process that she loves to indulge in. Her steadfast focus on superlative quality, amazing service levels, and building strong partnerships holds firm and stands as testament to the strength of Ultra Bytes's reputation.

Prior to working in Ultra Bytes, Sonali held senior management roles in Genpact and Indian School of Business and developed a knack for vigilant learning and imparting knowledge. She holds a Bachelors degree in finance and accounting and a Masters in Business Economics from Panjab University. She has been a voracious reader and a phenomenal marathon runner Now,she puts that perseverance to work as the Managing Director of Ultra Bytes so that her clients achieve not just incremental growth, but rather exponential and transformational growth.

Message from Sonali-

“Over the last few years, we have aligned the organisation on a number of things- to become truly inspiring leaders in the IT industry. We started by going on a journey to embed customer centricity as our ethos and we’ve been working passionately with all our customers ever since.

Charanpreet Singh

Charan believes in a great saying “success comes from something about which you don’t know, more than coming from what you knew or know”. For SEO and digital marketing companies, remaining on the top of search engine results is a constant battle.
Charan who is currently the CTO at Ultra Bytes, started from the grassroots level to make sure he understands the business and learns each aspect of the company. He is acknowledged as a humble person whom people look up to with great respect and yearn to work. He has not only put in efforts in building the company, but has established a personal brand of his own. Integrity is a trait withwhich he is well related to.
He often says, here at Ultra bytes, – “We are dedicated to refining the quality of way business brands itself”. He envisions to bring revolutionary change in the country be transforming the country – Digital India.

On personal front, Charan is an MCA graduate from Indira Gandhi National Open University, Charan is a happy go lucky person who believes that it is a tint of innovativeness which makes you stand apart from the crowd. He was deployed to US and UK to represent his ex-employers, contributing to his great success and accomplishment.

He has hands on experience on his technical skills mainly Programming (ASP.NET, WPF, Silverlight, WCF, PHP, Core Java, C#, VB.NET,XHTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, XML, SQL, SSRS), Administration (MS SQL Server 7.0/2000/2005/2008, MS IIS, Active Directory,VMWare), and Operating Systems (MS Windows -NT4, 2000, 2008, XP, Win 7, Linux).

A credible feather which adds to his cap are his incredible projects namely – Billyslist, CRISI Gateway, MAS (Monitoring Application Gateway), Dashboard (WPF Application), R2E Conversion Engine (Console Application), Rent the Runway shopping cart and Nationalexpress.com to name a few.

Besides work, Charan loves to spend his time in various fitness activities. He loves to travel and explore new places.